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United Airlines
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United Airlines





Hot review:

Recently a video is widely spread in the Internet that in the evening of April 9th, David Dao, a 69-year-old Asian-American physician was violently removed from an overbooked United Airlines flight by security officers to make room for crew members at O' Hare International Airport in Chicago after refusing to give up his seat as requested.

A day after the forced removal of the passenger from the United Airlines flight provoked a social media furor in the United States, a similar outcry followed in China, after state-run news outlets described the man as being of Chinese descent.


The episode was prominently displayed across the Chinese news media on Thursday, CCTV, showing the photos of the passenger’s bloodied face above the word, “Savage!”

After no one accepted the offer of a voucher to leave voluntarily. The other three passengers left without incident, the airline said. United’s chief executive, Oscar Munoz, apologized for “having to re-accommodate these customers”, called the episode “upsetting” and said the airline was conducting a review.

The controversy threatened to hurt United’s revenue in China, where the airline began flying in 1986 and has steadily built a loyal customer base. As of last May, United had 96 departures a week to cities in mainland China and Hong Kong.


Our voice:

Tony:    Hi my name is Tony. I’m a Chinese student in Australia. I want to say big news about American Airline security dragged an Asian old person from the plane violently because he was chosen to leave his seat to the employees of this company. But he rejected, so this terrible thing happened. From the video, we can see that the man’s face was covered with blood but the manager of the company thought the employees did the right choice. Well known,  America is a multicultural country which was proud of its freedom and equality. But I can’ see it from the American Airline. I think they are criminals. They violate the rules without hesitation and shame. If the man is a black, what will happen? I can’t say that this is racism but at least they need to give us an apology and a reasonable explanation.



Another: I think this American Airlines incident was horrible. It maybe normal for airlines’ overbook but if they’re gonna do this, then they have to be ready for this. Dragging someone off the plane is so terrible. There are many comments online saying that the service of the United Airlines is not so good and their stuff have bad attitude. Of course we cannot believe everything online but at least, this reflects some problems. I think there is no excuse for any kind of violence and I will never choose United Airlines again.



Hot Disscussion

KellyHello everyone, welcome to FOLXTEN, let’s talk hot. I am your hostess, Kelly. And the beautiful girl sitting beside me is our guest, Felicia. So, Felicia, could you please say hello to our audience?

Felicia: Yes.

Kelly: what we are going to talk about today is a piece of news which broadcasted last week. An Asian man was dragged off a United Airlines plane after the flight was overbooked --- prompting massive outrage on social media and hours later, a federal investigation. So Felicia, you heard about the news before, yes?


KellySo if you were the person just like the victim, what would you do in that time?

Felicia: Absolutely I will not leave as required. First reason is that I take this flight in a legal way, so I have the right to sit here. Second, this action may bring some troubles to my schedule. What if I have something urgent to deal with? Third, and it is also the most important reason, the airline doesn't have the right to ask me to do so . We all know that the overbooking is a very common in flight, but it can be solved in the Check-in Counter instead of the boarding cabin. It is clear to see this is a violation of the rights of others. So I will not leave my seat as they asked.

Kelly: yeah, I think so. And the truth is that the victim did have an urgent thing to do, so he refused to leave. He is a doctor, and he had an operation the next day. Thus I think it is reasonable for him to do so. So what’s your attitude towards involuntarily denied boarding?

Felicia: Just like what I have said in the first question. The American Airline's action is unreasonable even illegal. It is very unwise and absurd for American Airline to take this way to deal with this common thing. In my mind's eye, American Airline should handle this thing in a licit way. It should make a good communication with the passengers instead of such an extreme way.

Kelly: enhuh. So do you agree with the overbooking?

Felicia: Yeah, I agree with it beacaus its initial purpose is good. It is just a way of maximum utilization of resources which could let more people take flight and improve the effectiveness of flights. It is a win-win for both airlines and passengers. But it becomes a little different in some airlines. This airlines distort this way as a privilege and overuse it. So it causes bad impact on passengers' travel. Therefore, some actions should be taken to regulate it.

Kelly: Yeah, and this airline did ask people to be volunteers to leave the plane, but there only three volunteers. All these volunteers can have the compensation of 200% to 400% of their fares. Do you think it is acceptable?

Felicia: I cannot judge this amount is reasonable or not, beacaus I don't have such an experience in my life. I just want to say that the communication is the most important way to solve problems. The best ending must be the win-win, right? For airlines, they should take the responsibility to offer the best service and take the best solutions to passengers. And for passengers, they should accept the reasonable solutions given by airlines or they could also have some rational requests. So I think the communication is the most important.

Kelly: yeah, it’s right. And another thing is that because the victim is an Asian, there are some netizens thought it was a kind of racial discrimination. How about you?

Felicia: Oh, this is a very interesting question. It is well-known that America always easily to be labelled as "racial discrimination". And incident happened to and Asian American , so it is not strange that so many people would hype this with prejudice. But in think maybe it is not racial discrimination just an unwise solution made by airline. I have read a very funny comment on this incident from Internet. It concluded this thinking just an unsatisfactory of many people about their social status, they wanted to be treated better, so they would seize every chance to overstate something to higher their social status. I agree with this point of view. Sometimes someone just want to exaggerate something.

Kelly: yes, there are always a small group of people in our life want to exaggerate a little bit things to achieve their intention. It is really misleading. And about the latest news, the victim is going to prosecute the United Airlines. So maybe what we can do is to see what will going on next. Thank you, Felicia. It’s really happy to have a conversation with you.(thank you) ok, this is the end of today’s let’s talk hot. See you next time. Goodbye!(goodbye.)


Interviewed by Kelly(余青霞)

                                                                 Edited by Pepe(田若瑜) and Kelly(余青霞)

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