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The Popularity of Chinese
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The Popularity of Chinese



Hello everyone! Welcome to Folxten let’s talk hot, I’m your hostess, Sunny.

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy in China, learning Chinese has become popular among people in the course of the world. Many evidences have also shown this trend in learning Chinese in the global stage.

Several days ago, the President Xi Jinping of China has given a welcoming reception to the President Donald Trump of the U.S.A. In the process of the dinner party, President Donald Trump has shown his granddaughter singing Chinese songs and reciting Chinese poems, who is now only six years old. The girl is very familiar with Chinese traditional culture such as Three-Character Classic and some famous poems. Such examples can be seen in other foreign countries. In September this year, George, the little prince of England, began his preschool education. In preschool, Prince George, who is only 4 years old, has a lot to attend, not only in English, maths, ballet, but also in mandarin. Princess Leon, the first heir to the Spanish throne, who is going to be a queen now has English, ballet and Mandarin as well! Princess Elizabeth of Belgium will be queen in the future. And she's also learning Chinese, she can only communicate in Chinese simply, and she is also very interested in the Chinese characters. And the face book CEO Mark Zuckerberg went to Tsinghua University and used Mandarin to interact during the whole process. He also taught his eldest daughter Max to speak mandarin as well as his robot.

Several factors are driving this trend. First, looking back, China has enhanced the role it plays in global governance and world peace, especially in the past five years. A major way is the Belt and Road Initiative the President Xi Jinping introduced in 2013. It expands connectivity and partnerships with involved countries through enhanced transportation infrastructure, economic cooperation and people-to people exchanges. According to this event, the communication is necessary. So Chinese has reached its highly status between trades and market.

Second, it is the power of Chinese traditional culture that makes Chinese a unique representative one. There are more than five thousand years of Chinese culture and cultural connotations and many excellent cultural works, cultural classics, thus many foreigners want to understand them and also to learn. Of course, there are many other reasons that lead Chinese to an essential status among other languages. And there’s evidence show that foreign people who have a great knowledge of Chinese can find jobs easier than those who can speak other foreign languages.

Anyway, this trend is leading its way around the world. Let’s see how our students in university view this phenomenon.




Jasmine: Hello everyone! I am Jasmine, and welcome to Folxten let’s talk hot. Today, we invite our guest Jessica to share some of her opinions and  attitudes towards our topic today. Hi, Jessica.

Jessica: Hi, I’m Jessica!

Jasmine: Welcome to our studio. And could you please make a brief introduction about yourself?

Jessica: Hello, everyone! My name is Jessica, a freshman major in Material Shaping and Control Engineering. And I love sports very much, especially basketball. Besides, I also love speaking English. It’s my great honor to have a chance to talk about ourselves and get to know each other.

Jasmine: Good to have you with us! And, let’s move to our topicabout our most familiar language--Chinese! So, Jessica, have you ever noticed that Chinese is standing out from various languages these years?

Jessica: Oh yes, of course. Last time I saw a news about a France TV station announced that in the past 10 years, the students in France who  choose to learn Chinese have grown to four times than it was. It’s an eye-catching phenomenon I guess.

Jasmine: Wow...That’s a lot..It can be another evidence that proves the Chinese has become more compelling among all languages. Could you give us some comments on it? Or, just talk about what may be the causes of it?

Jessica: Undoubtedly, our mother tongue, Chinese has become more and more glamorous these years. For the reasons, In my opinion, China is a country with vast territory and abundant resources based on its long history. And the culture of long standing makes it a legend of the world. Therefore, a lot of foreigners pay a visit to China to see how magnificent it is.

Jasmine: Yeah, it’s more like a trend cause we have the culture basis that attracts people abroad. But to reach a deeper level, just in my opinion, more recently, other aspects like our national strength may also counts...

Jessica: Indeed, in addition to what I have mentioned above, things are equally crucial like the strategy of “the Belt and Road initiative” being applied these years and many other efforts our government has made to promote our comprehensive national strength. And, the thing is, we are gaining our reputations worldwide.

Jasmine: Literally, the progress we have achieved in recent years is too amazing to describe, isn’t it?

Jessica: Yes, it is!

Jasmine: Also, another thing is about the huge surge of student foreigners’ learning Chinese for better employment in the future...How do you think of this kind of situation?

Jessica: Actually, it is a natural phenomenon because of China’s prosperity. Because many merchants and enterprises have found huge commercial opportunities that China give. Evidently, as mutual cooperation grows frequently, it’s a must for foreign graduates to have a command of Chinese, therefore it brings about transformation in the employment market of the UK.

Jasmine: Yes...so, probably when we are negotiating or making contracts

between countries, Chinese plays an important role in it.


Jessica: That’s true. And as to its deeper meaning, I think it is another motivation to popularize Chinese. Its theory and philosophy deep inside are what our people admire all the way since our ancestor put them forward. Meanwhile, they are worth spreading, which is our goal in cultural transmission all the time.


Jasmine: Sounds like this can be a moment of century for our mother tongue to be well-known. Well, I think I grow more confidence about our country after hearing your words. Thanks to our president, we’ve been doing so well these years!


Jessica: I feel proud of it as well! It can represent a lot, on civilization or even politics and economic, our national influence can be all-rounded.


Jasmine: Exactly. And here comes today’s last part, the language learning part. I once read an article, it claimed that our so-called “the most complicated language” has drawn many foreign people crazy already. In regard to this tough mission, what would you like to comment?


Jessica: Firstly, I consider it definitely a big challenge for them! I’ve read that article too. It’s actually a bit funny to see so many foreigners complaining about Chinese. To be frank, Its vocabulary, grammar, and spelling are new forms which show great differences from their own languages. I think even for our Chinese, we have to work really hard to master it, let alone those foreigners...


Jasmine: I agree. A foreign student, majoring in Chinese and has successfully graduated, complained that she found study Chinese an incredibly hard slog throughout every year. She would fail if she don’t put her hours in it. And also at the end of the semester, it took her nearly 18 hours per day to learn Chinese.


Jessica: And the most striking thing is, a British boy majoring in it said that when he got to China and thought he can speak quite well ,but it was totally opposite! It’s not about the words itself, but the pronunciation. It can’t be compared with English, French or Spanish. Moreover, the relationship between the spoken and written Chinese is rather complex.


Jasmine: Absolutely, even one word with different tunes and numerous meanings.


Jessica: It can also reflect our way in learning English. So many Chinese students who are or were tortured by English have expressed their secret delightfulness upon this, since those foreigners get their personal experience eventually! Exaggeratively, It means a great satisfaction for them.


Jasmine :Rough words but reasonable meaning...


Jessica: But to be honest, I admire their diligence and they need to be encouraged, with all means of our help, in fact they really need to be respected!

Jasmine: I can’t agree with you more. Well, it’s time to go. But if you have more opinions on our topic, please make your comments by visiting our website. I’m Jasmine and this is Jessica! See you next week!


Jessica: See you!





  Interviewed by Jasmine(宇佳)

Edited by Sunny(雪瑶) and Jasmine(宇佳)








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