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Facial Recognition
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Facial Recognition





Hello everyonewelcome to folxten let's talk hotI'm your hostess Jasmine. Today the topic of our program is about the artificial intelligence.

With the rapid development of the artificial intelligence, or AI, it comes the surge of the technology which identifies people by scanning their faces across the global. It is another striking progress after fingertip identification being used generally. So what can people do with this technology?

At first, it`s worth mentioning that China may plays a leading role in AI, as it has been applied to almost all aspects of life in China. Up to now, some railway station in cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan have opened new access for people to enter the station. By scanning passengers` faces, it matches their facial features to their government-issued ID cards photo, and also has their tickets examined. After passing all these processes, the station gate will open. Though it still provokes lots of controversy on its efficient instability at a preliminary stage, optimistically, it has the prospect to be optimized to substitute for human working.

What also draws the attention of the foreign media is that a KFC store in China lets customers pay with facial recognition along with entering their phone number at an ordering kiosk. Even in schools, Beijing Normal University makes the most of the technology in freshmen enrolling to save manpower. Besides, they have applied this technique to the access control system, which ensures the safety of the students to a large extent.

Money withdrawal is also on the list. However, as facial recognition becomes the focus of public concern, a debate on "privacy" has arisen. Some people think that it is of great value. Others argue that if our faces are linked with all of our information, it means put our privacy at a transparent stage. And this problem is even more serious on the technique`s common use by all applications. "Yet the ability to record, store, analysis images of faces cheaply, quickly and on a vast scale promises one day to bring about fundamental changes to notion of privacy, fairness and trust, "said The Economist.


Hot Review

Sunny: Welcome to Folxten let’s talk hot, where we bring you an intelligent topic and some interesting new words. I’m Sunny:. And this is our guest today, please introduce yourself to us.


Grace: Hello, I’m Grace.


Sunny: And today we are talking about life in the age of facial recognition, or the artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the ability to copy human intelligent behavior---for example, an intelligent machine can learn from its own mistakes, and make decisions based on what’s happened in the past.


Grace: there is a lot of talk about AI these days, Sunny:, but it’s still just science fiction, isn’t it?


Sunny: that’s  not true. Ai is everywhere. Do you have some experience of using facial intelligence to enter the train station?


Grace: oh yes. This winter vacation I went to Chengdu in Sichuan Province. There the self service access has been opened. It not only saves the time of passengers entering the station, but also more secure. The most important thing is that the system can be identified even if the passengers wear makeup and wear the beautiful pupil!


Sunny: sorry, but what’s the meaning of pupil?


Grace: the pupil means circular opening in the centre of the iris of the eye. Beautiful pupil is a pretty ornament that just some young fashion girls wear today.


Sunny: ok, I know exactly what it is. And since you have been to Chengdu and saw the facial intelligence in person. Could you introduce more about it to us?


Grace: ok, sure. First, when passengers enter the channel and stand in front of the "credit card machine", you will see a yellow double feet reference mark on the ground, then passengers step up to stand on it. In the second step, the ticket and ID card are taken out, the ticket face up, the ID card is placed under the ticket, and the ticket and ID card are put together in the scanning area. The third step, passengers look up at the camera, and facial recognition finished. If the ticket, ID card, face, three things are correct, you’ll hear a "beep" sound, the gate of the access channel will automatically open.


Sunny: But if the machine acts slowly, how can they sure such large number of passengers pass it successfully?


Grace: If the operation is fast, 3 seconds can be, the operation is slightly slower, about 6 seconds to pass.


Sunny: wow, that sounds very high-tech. But there is another question, if we makeup or we become fatter or thinner, will the machine still recognize our face?


Grace: The face recognition system can verify that the instrument will scan  the face and ID photos for comparison, mainly to see the contours 轮廓of the face, brow, lips on both sides. Never mind the fat or thin, as long as it is not the special makeup, most of machines can identify the face.


Sunny: And I also hear that we don’t need any ID card or bank card, just facing the window with a smile, according to the tips of a few operations, money on their own "spit" out! The scene of drawing money by face has become a fact.


Grace: yes, that’s very interesting. Just stand in front of the ATM machine, take a look at the camera, and then enter the cell phone number,  withdrawals amount, password, automatic spitting money, you can take away the cash.


Sunny: last weekend I read a passage on the internet which was written by American media. It was said that KFC store in china lets customers pay with facial recognition and they are very amazed about this. There is also an article in Economics that China may match or beat America in AI.


Grace: It is exactly true. Not only KFC and bank use this technology, but also the universities which they apply the facial recognition to the registration. All the dormitory buildings of Beijing Normal University (北师范)are equipped with face recognition access control system. After the face recognition equipment is completed, the freshmen can enter the dormitory successfully.


Sunny: This also actually means our technique skills have gradually maturated and the usage of facial recognition has reshaped China’s tech scene. However, our topic today is about life in the age of facial recognition. It must be mostly relevant to human. So many people are concerned about their privacy, which means our face is nowhere to hide. Do you have the same feeling that we are exposing our privacy nowadays?


Grace: I just don’t know more about the privacy things. But I think it is really close-knit with our privacy because we depend on it to pay our bills, to enter the building or even draw money.   And most concerned is the vast skill of analyzing images of faces are cheap and quick, so we human are not sure whether we are losing our privacy or not.


SunnyBut in any case, the era of facial recognition is coming. We can easily hope that with the technology developing so fast, our privacy will be protected. And there is a last question I always want to ask: if one makes a cosmetic surgery, can the machine still recognize him?


Grace: I believe the magic of high-tech, but I’m not so sure, unless you’ve made an over-cosmetic surgery!


Sunny: well, it’s time to go. But if today’s show has impressed you to learn more about facial recognition, please let us know by visiting our website in Let’s Talk Hot! I’m Snowy and this is Grace. See you next week!


Grace: See you~





Interviewed by Sunny(包雪瑶)

Edited by Sunny(包雪瑶) and Jasmine(冯宇佳)


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